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Oh, God Almighty, listen to the humble prayer of a kitty and let your divine peace and tranquillity envelop the tormented soul of my mother. Help her, God, to forget my helplessness and pain of my last moments, and to forgive me all the suffering I caused her when I came to You.

Make me an angel, God, and let me stay around her, to touch with my little paw her tears when she cries, to give her support and comfort through the life's trials, to dissipate her suffering.

Make me, oh God, a smile on my mother's face, to bring back in her soul the spring that went away with my leaving to You, or make me, God, a star to lighten her full of tears nights, and to fill her dreams with the memories of our happy days spent together.

And God, fill that void in her heart with Love so she'll have the strength to believe in You and in the rainbow that, in the years to come, will guide her soul towards a new life together, she and I.

In the memory of the devoted friend that anyone would have wanted to have around:


07.07.1990 - 24.02.2005

Sleep in peace, beloved soul!


neutered male, born on 07 July 1990
13 year old


13 year old


12 year old

FIFe awards

-Best Veteran, 2001 Timisoara

-Best Veteran, 2002 Bucharest

-The Most Beautiful Cat from Exhibition, 2002 Timisoara

-Best Veteran, 2003 Bucharest

-The Cat of The Year 2003

-Best Veteran, 2004 Bucharest