The death took our Beauty sooner than expected. A very sick heart and the terrible PKD kidnapped her from us. She left us beloved memories, but also a huge pain in our souls.
For her suffering and the untimely departure we will never forgive the breeder who cheated us years ago with fake veterinary tests, who has nothing more important than money and who answered me when was informed about my girl's problem: "You can use her for breeding to recover the expenses, I also imported sick cats from USA and was not a problem, I used its for breeding!"!
For these words, for all the sick cats produced by Charmant-Colour cattery and for the pain of so many breeders cheated in the same way, I despise you, Ica!
Rest in peace my Beauty!
14 August 2004 - 08 February 2012


   female, born on 14th August 2004
   cream point

    1 year  and 3 months old


    3 months old


    3 months old

FIFe awards

-Ex.1, Nom. BIS  6-10 months old, 2005 Sofia

-Ex.1, BIS Kitten, BOB Kitten, 2005 Sofia

-Ex.1, CAC, Nom. BIS, 2005 Sofia

-Ex.1, CAC, Best in Variety, 2005 Sofia

-Ex.1, CAC, 2006 Sofia

-Ex.1, CACIB, Nom. BIS, 2006 Sofia

-Ex.1, CACIB, 2006 Bucharest

-Ex.1, CACIB, 2006 Bucharest